With our website relaunch we are also strengthening our overall profile. The MUNICH DIGITAL INSTITUTE is now more than just a service provider for intelligence. We are a partner for Digital Experiences - no matter if towards employees or customers. We plan and accompany projects end-to-end. We are always concerned with strengthening the relationship through digital services.

Beta since 2014. 

Since our foundation in 2014, the MUNICH DIGITAL INSTITUTE has continuously developed, just like the digital world did. While in the first years after our foundation we were a pure intelligence unit, we now combine this DNA with solutions in digital relationship management.

In recent years, this has essentially been everything that is subsumed under the term customer experience. It aims to make the customer's experience with the brand or products so positive that a lasting bond is created. This loyalty is the basis for customers not changing to the competition, making less price-sensitive decisions and making direct or indirect recommendations. Starting from deep analytics via the modelling of customer journeys (Customer Journey Mapping), solutions can then be found.

In recent years, these have mainly been Communities, FAQ platforms or social media services. However, increasing automation is also making inroads. Chat bots or even voice bots are on the rise. To feed them with content, a central knowledge base is needed. We have designed and implemented all of this in recent years with customers such as BMW, both nationally and internationally. Customer Experience remains a very important pillar in our business model.


Customer Centricity taken seriously.

The more we worked on projects, the more we realized that despite all the analytics and technology, one thing remains an overall success criteria: the belief of companies to really engage with customers and to empower their own employees to take care of them. No technology today is completely capable of replacing people in the relationship with customers. No matter whether in the preparation of dialogues for bots or in personal contact at various contact points. So we have expanded our spectrum.

Regarding the term Employee Experience we centrally understand two things:

Firstly, the establishment of a relationship level between the company and its employees. The philosophy is the same as towards customers. Positive experiences create bonds, loyalty and thus durability. At the same time, it is a prerequisite for motivated personnel who can pass it on and influence their own enthusiasm to the customer.

Secondly, we also understand Employee Experience as the concrete empowerment of employees to think and act in a customer-centred manner. It is all about building competencies, adapting processes and establishing a direct connection to the customer. Finally, this is not a political issue.


Change & Transformation in Context.

The third central field of action is located between Employee Experience and Customer Experience: Change & Transformation. For us, this is not an abstract area, but is directly related to customer focus. Change is always aimed at strengthening the relationship with customers and employees. The design of processes, team collaboration, technology decisions - we always look at all of it with a view guided by digital relationships. Our intelligence products, such as the Customer Experience Score or the Corporate Influencer Score, reflect this thinking analytically. This means that we offer the entire range of end-to-end digital experiences, from analytics and strategy consulting to conception, implementation and project management.

Our new website reflects precisely the care to structure our services more clearly than before. Today, MUNICH DIGITAL is an end-to-end provider for Employee and Customer Experience. We build on our Intelligence DNA and have invested more in the area of solutions in recent years. We deliver concrete products as well as long-term project support. Technology competence is what differentiate us. Therefore we also see ourselves as an interface between client and software supplier.


Future K.I., Automation and Bots.


One thing has remained the same since our foundation: The desire to explore new and challenging paths. This is why we are increasingly interested in artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning not only for analytics, but also for concrete solutions such as bots. In our opinion, this goes far beyond pure dialogue communication. We are looking for the real added value for customers, employees and companies that can result from automation processes. Whether in corporate communication, marketing, customer service or sales.

Always with the aim of making your experience with MUNICH DIGITAL as positive as possible in terms of a long-term customer relationship.

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