Change & Transformation

For us at MUNICH DIGITAL, digital change means one thing above all: customer focus. Thinking from the customer's perspective has many implications. It is important to understand them. It's about meeting them at eye level - where they expect it.

The result is a new mindset in companies and a fundamental change process.

The change: Customer focus

For us, people and their experiences and adventures are at the center of attention. Data and technology help to strengthen relationships and meet needs. They are endless. With this basic understanding, we advise companies on central change processes. Change affects the relationship level on two sides: Towards customers and towards your own employees. Both are inseparably connected with each other.

The transformation: substantial solutions

The mission is clear. People, whether they are employees or customers, are increasingly critical of companies. Packaging alone, or the brand promise, is no longer enough. Advertising statements must be proven every day. This makes substantial solutions necessary. They must be implemented with agile methods and product-oriented mentality. Not everything has to be reinvented. The key also lies in constant testing and optimization. At the end of the day, there must not only be a promise, but the solution.


Intelligence is in our DNA. We analyze data, insights and cases. We developed several scoring models.
We define brands through contact with people. The channel and the message must hit the right spot.
Every contact with the brand is an experience. We make sure it is positive in the digital environment.
What are the Contact points. We understand your infrastructure and take care of new components.
We take over technology selection and management of IT service providers. We develop ourselves.
We operate as consultants and project managers. Always thinking end-to-end with the goal of delivering results.


Customer Experience

We take care of your digital customer relationship. For this we rely on the cooperation with universities as well as on our own data models and technology competence.

Change & Transformation

Above all, customer centricity in companies is a change process. We design this together with you end-to-end. Strategically. But also agile and solution-oriented. 

Corporate Influencer

Change in dealing with customers requires motivated employees. We also rely on experiences in employee communication in order to reach the customer. Possible with our Corporate Influcer Score.

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