Why do we achieve more reach with certain topics and formats? Why do others have only limited success? Where do we need to distribute and what changes should we make to be more successful? 

Do you want to know which content performs particularly well, why, and where? Would you like to understand the influencing factors for successful communication? Our content clustering provides the answers! 


Kickstart Your Success with Content Clustering!


In the digital age, the analysis of text data is becoming increasingly important. Over 70% of companies worldwide consider NLP (Natural Language Processing) an essential part of their processes and are already using it to optimize their communication strategies (Source: Gartner).

Especially in marketing and communication departments, such components as the analysis of corporate and brand content, employee reviews, and presence in news media plays a crucial role. 

A significant part of today’s data is in text form and requires advanced algorithms for its analysis. The content and form of the text are often critical factors to evaluate the performance of posts and texts. With our NLP and text analysis solutions, we help you tackle these challenges and gain valuable insights into your text data. 

For the first time, this allows you to conduct a true content analysis of communication quickly, efficiently, and self-learning. 

Advantages of Large Language Models (LLMs): 

1) No more queries: The grouping of texts does not follow a pure keyword pattern.

2) Context is captured: The algorithm assigns texts to predefined clusters or finds its own. 

3) Self-Learning Systems: The clustering can be dynamically expanded or changed.

Strategic Content Planning

Do you have strategic topics you want to analyze or refine? Our NLP models can help! Ideal for analyzing social media content, news or reviews. 

Content Performance

We identify patterns in large text volumes combined with other key metrics. This allows us to tell you which factors have particularly positive or negative impacts on your posts' performance. 

Reviews & Sentiment

Gain an understanding of sentiment in social media, employer, or product reviews. Our sentiment analysis provides clear insights into the opinions and emotions of your target audiences. 

MUNICH DIGITAL is your One-Stop-Shop.

We accompany you from planning through implementation to the end-to-end result. Our data competence and our understanding of IT allow us to manage the project centrally.

Use Cases
We define concrete use cases for the right scope.
We choose the suitable large language models (LLMs).
Data Structure
We prepare the data so that it can be processed.
We test the analysis on the first step for quicker results.
We visualize data in attractive dashboard-solutions.
We integrate our models into your data ecosystem.
Quick Insights & Predictions

Unstructured data but you need quick results? With modern algorithms, we deliver insights.

BI Dashboards

MUNICH DIGITAL builds your dashboards. From planning to implementation to technical integration. 


We are a one-stop-shop for your data projects. With one click you can find all our services.

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