Our DNA: Digital Intelligence. 

For us at MUNICH DIGITAL, the knowledge of user behaviour, technical developments and functional practical examples are the basis of all our actions. We have made it our maxim to always align our clients with these facts before we talk about solutions. At the same time, knowledge from customer projects flows back into our intelligence.

In the end this means: Data-driven solutions and practice-oriented analytics at the same time.

A look into the digital society

Since our foundation in 2014, we have regularly dealt with developments in the media society. How do social networks develop? What acceptance do new platforms have? How critical are users regarding their data? At the same time, we observe technological developments and evaluate relevant solutions.

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Data-based action is a consequence of digitalization. We analyze, structure and harmonize data. With the help of our own scoring models, we reach usable statements. We bring all of this into BI dashboards such as Tableau, which are fun to use and can be accessed across departments if required.

Cooperation with Macromedia University

Since 2018 there has been an ongoing partnership between MUNICH DIGITAL INSTITUTE and Macromedia University. In a joint project with the master's programme "International Brand Management", we have developed a new evaluation model for Digital Customer Relations: The MUNICH DIGITAL CX Score. This model is now used by several companies in Germany. 

Our founder Christian Henne is an academic partner at Macromedia.

The MUNICH DIGITAL Scoring Model

Companies are increasingly collecting data. But a mass of data does not automatically mean more insights. The challenge lies in structuring and modelling data in such a way, that it allows for concrete statements and instructions for action.

We developed our own evaluation model for this purpose. Our Scores, which were designed in cooperation with Macromedia University, enable us to classify Customer Experience (CX Score) as well as to evaluate Employee Experience within the company (CI Score).

K.I., Machine Learning & Automation

The digital future brings us Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and a greater degree of automation. We are already cooperating with several companies in this field. This puts us in a position to implement initial MVP approaches in order to learn from them and become better. This is where theory meets practice and thus becomes applicable for our customers. 

We would be happy to show you the state of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and what is already possible in today's BOT solutions.

German Police training

Since 2016 we have been training the police in Germany for digital crisis communication in operational situations. The core question is what role social media play in this, highlighting opportunities and risks and practising how to deal with them. In both the operational and procedural aspects. 

The training model is a blueprint for corporate crisis communication, including a crisis matrix for categorising the threat and corresponding reaction schemes. 

We analyze data-driven use cases, define the scope and establish data structures.
We prepare your data attractively and ensure the necessary user experience.
Data Science
You benefit from our own scoring, clustering and NLP models.
We connect your contact points and provide the necessary data automation.
We build databases and integrate them into an appropriate ecosystem.
If you wish, we can operate your business intelligence or provide external support.


Customer Experience

We take care of your digital customer relationship. For this we rely on the cooperation with universities as well as on our own data models and technology competence.

Change & Transformation

Above all, customer centricity in companies is a change process. We design this together with you end-to-end. Strategically. But also agile and solution-oriented. 

Corporate Influencer

Change in dealing with customers requires motivated employees. We also rely on experiences in employee communication, in order to reach the customer. Possible with our Corporate Influcer Score.

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