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Digital services have once again become significantly more important as a result of the Corona pandemic. Automation is a great opportunity for companies. Chatbots in particular offer the opportunity to efficiently absorb the increased volume and uncertainties and to reduce support costs at the same time.

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In times when there are fewer contacts in retail or with field sales, the need for service is steadily increasing. At the same time, fewer people are working in customer service or the quality of service is restricted by home office arrangements and short-time working. There is a clear answer to these challenges: 1-to-1 contact with customers must be intensified via digital channels. In addition, chatbots and automation basically help to respond to customer concerns 24/7 and independently of people.

Did you know that the Top 5 Questions in a Call Center are responsible for approx. 30% of the total volume of inquiries?

Chatbot Benefits

1) Cost reduction: Lower average working times and automation can significantly reduce support costs.

2) Multichannel: Establish (partially) automated services across the channels used by your customers. 

3) Increased customer satisfaction: real-time answers around the clock. Most important customer expectation in service!

More videos on the topic on Munich Digital Youtube Channel.

Project Status
Do you want to integrate a chatbot or are already using a solution?
No matter at which point you are - we bring you to the goal!
Once the content is identified, it is trained in the Bot and dialog trees are created. FAQ Content is ready for use within 4-6 weeks.
Based on FAQs, Social Media analysis or call center data, relevant bot content is identified (text mining).
Regardless of whether live chat or messenger: connection to the corresponding channel is quickly possible via interfaces.
There are several bot frameworks on the market that can be used within ad hoc. We help you with selection and setup.
The introduction or optimization of an automation solution is usually much cheaper than expected - contact us!

We help you adapt existing FAQs for Chatbot use. Trust with the customer is built through training, creating dialog trees, and a channel-specific salutation.


We define further use cases and prepare the content for the Bot. Integration into your ecosystem and processes for agents are developed. We train your employees in the use of the chatbot.

Topic Modeling

Analysis of customer feedback (e.g. Amazon & App Store), owned media channels and communities. Insights are converted into dialogs via text mining and topic modeling and prepared for the respective channel.

Chatbots – Digital Service in Corona Time.

The widespread restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic present companies with a difficult task: economic uncertainty and remote work combined with increased service needs.

Use Cases for Automation.

How can automation be used sensibly in 1-to-1 communication and what advantages do the individual options offer me? Four use cases!

Data protection for Automation solutions.

Many companies see the privacy policies topic as a barrier to implementing a chatbot. Not without reason. Data protection is indeed a topic that needs to be addressed.

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