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Data is becoming increasingly important for evaluating relationships with customers and employees. However, they are increasingly also the basis for communication planning or product initiatives.

Do you already have a BI solution and need support with data analysis? Would you like to set up a dashboard solution for the first time? We are your partner in both cases!

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The Corona pandemic confronts companies and managers with major uncertainties. How can you respond to an increasingly destabilized environment? Now is the time to use data and its analysis to unlock the unknown and take early action that makes a difference.
Business Intelligence (BI) solutions such as Tableau or Power BI support strategic alignment and adaptation to current challenges with enhanced awareness, flexibility and agility. This even allows you to derive forecasts on company and market development.

We help you set up the right processes to prepare for a world where disruption is part of everyday life. So you too can succeed when others fail.

Benefits of BI Solutions:

1) Everything in one place: Central administration instead of many individual reports.

2) Open data: Cross-departments access.

3) Fun with data: Motivation through attractive user interface.

MUNICH DIGITAL is your one-stop shop.

We accompany you from planning through implementation to the end-to-end result. Our data competence and our understanding of IT allow us to manage the project centrally.

We bring with you the relevant decision-makers to the table.
Use Cases
We define concrete Use Cases for the right scope. 
Data Structure
We consolidate and standardize data & reporting.
We combine data and make usable statements from it.
We visualize data in attractive dashboard solutions.
Direct data transfer via interfaces. We help you with it.

Our years of experience in handling data for communications, marketing, service & sales will help you define and harmonize the right KPIs and metrics.


Our own and unique scoring models make it possible to handle complex data in such a way that actionable conclusions can be drawn from it. Also predictive.


We specialized ourselves in the data visualization of the BI solution Tableau. We prepare the data in Tableau dashboards. If necessary, incl. interface connection.

The Data-Driven

The future of corporate communications lies in data-driven newsroom structures. This requires the necessary business intelligence, but also dashboard solutions.

Corporate Influencer

Together with DATEV, MUNICH DIGITAL INSTITUTE has developed the first Corporate Influencer Score. A model that makes it possible to measure influencer initiatives.

Customer Experience

Making Customer Experience measurable? Is that possible? Yes! With an innovative scientific scoring model for improved customer relationships.

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