Since 2014

We turn data
into intelligence

Our Fields of Action
Data-Driven Business
For more Employee Experience
For better Customer Experience
Data Analysis & Business Intelligence
We have been taking care of digital intelligence since 2014. Started as an independent analytical unit, we are now consultants and at the same time solution providers for data-driven business models. Guided by a prototyping philosophy. Always thinking end-to-end.


The amount of information that companies have to process and evaluate today requires a strategic approach to handling data. Marketing and communication areas, service, sales and product development rely on data-driven initaitives.

This requires strategic planning as well as usable results. Departments must deal with data science and therefore also with technology.

We offer data strategy and practice-oriented analytics products from a single source. Our goal is to provide understandable and valuable solutions that enable objective support of the work. We bring the necessary technological expertise with us.

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We analyze data-driven use cases, define the scope and establish data structures.
We prepare your data attractively and ensure the necessary user experience.
Data Science
You benefit from our own scoring, clustering and NLP models.
We connect your contact points and provide the necessary data automation.
We build databases and integrate them into an appropriate ecosystem.
If you wish, we can operate your business intelligence or provide external support.
Why work with us?
...means Data & Technology
Intelligence at MUNICH DIGITAL means understanding data and technology. Both are inseparably connected with each other.
...only as good as the solution
That's why at MUNICH DIGITAL the strategy process is in between Intelligence and Experience. It is necessary in order to make sustainable decisions. However, we always focus our consulting on the right result for the user.
Sportive Spirit
Digitalization today requires courage, determination and consistency. MUNICH DIGITAL has grown organically since its foundation, established a digital conference and continually expanded its expertise. We challenge our customers, but also accompany them. We function like a cycling team, which is only successful when everyone is committed to one goal.


Facts before opinions. This is the motto for our MUNICH DIGITAL technical articles. 

We regularly prepare digital developments and publish news about our own initiatives and products.

Back to data!

MUNICH DIGITAL is back to the roots! For us this means: We rely everything on data & intelligence as the basis for digitalization strategies.

Corporate Influencer Score

Together with DATEV we developed the first CI score. A model that makes it possible to evaluate the maturity of organizations and the effects of communication.

BI Dashboards

We build real intelligence with you. We structure and harmonize your data and visualize it in attractive dashboards like Tableau.

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