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Our Core Competencies
employee experience
change and transformation
customer experience
Intelligence & Experiences
Since 2014 we take care of digital relationships. Starting as an independent analytical unit, we are now also a solution provider. Driven by a prototyping philosophy. Always thinking end-to-end.


Digital services and experiences determine and develop loyalty and thus have a direct influence on the success of a company. 

The basis is customer centricity and lies within employees` mindset. We combine customer experience with employee experience. In between there is a change process that brings both sides together.

For all this, we offer practice-oriented analytics and data-based solutions from a single source. We are guided by a prototyping approach. Our goal is to achieve concrete results that are well received by the user. We provide the necessary technological expertise.

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Intelligence is in our DNA. We analyze data, insights and cases. We developed several scoring models.
We define brands through contact with people. The channel and the message must hit the right spot.
Every contact with the brand is an experience. We make sure it is positive in the digital environment.
We connect touchpoints. We understand your infrastructure and take care of new components.
We take over technology selection and management of IT service providers. We develop ourselves.
We operate as consultants and project managers. Always thinking end-to-end with the goal of delivering results.
Why work with us?
...means Data & Technology
Intelligence at MUNICH DIGITAL means understanding data and technology. Both are inseparably connected with each other.
...only as good as the solution
That's why at MUNICH DIGITAL the strategy process is in between Intelligence and Experience. It is necessary in order to make sustainable decisions. However, we always focus our consulting on the right result for the user.
Sportive Spirit
Digitalization today requires courage, determination and consistency. MUNICH DIGITAL has grown organically since its foundation, established a digital conference and continually expanded its expertise. We challenge our customers, but also accompany them. We function like a cycling team, which is only successful when everyone is committed to one goal.


Facts before opinions. This is the motto for our MUNICH DIGITAL technical articles. 

We regularly prepare digital developments and publish news about our own initiatives and products.

Relaunch with Sharpened Service Catalogue

We used the Corona period to give ourselves a new digital business card. This is followed by a sharpened service catalogue.

MUNICH DIGITAL Corporate Influencer Score

Together with DATEV, MUNICH DIGITAL developed the first Corporate Influencer Score to evaluate corporate ambassador initiatives.

MUNICH DIGITAL Customer Experience Score

With a innovative scoring model, MUNICH DIGITAL and the Macromedia University make CX holistically measurable for the first time.

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