MUNICH DIGITAL is your strategic consultant and companion for Digital Analytics & Experience. We analyse the market and your initiatives. We develop Employee & Customer Experience solutions and implement them together with you end-to-end. 

You can also book fast formats like workshops and reports with us.

Customer Experience Score

The MUNICH DIGITAL CX Score is an evaluation model for customer experience, developed together with Macromedia University. It considers all contact points/occasions and delivers results for the areas of information, purchase, service and relationship. This score is an end-to-end product and therefore bookable for every company.

Corporate Influencer Score

Based on the CX Score, we have developed the Corporate Influencer Score together with DATEV. This evaluates both the degree of maturity of a company´s influencer project and its internal and external impact. The MUNICH DIGITAL CI Score is currently the only holistic evaluation model on the German market.

Analytics & Reportings

We perform the analytics design and ongoing reporting for many customers. Our scoring models help us with this. But we also benefit from our practical intelligence, especially with regard to systems. The results can be plenty, such as Data Lake and Dashboard solutions.

Journey & Stakeholder Mapping

In workshops we work out customer journeys together with you. We consider internal and external stakeholders as well as different personas. Through our cooperation with the Austrian start-up Smaply, we also provide a visualization tool. This is modern and fun.


Today, brands are under increasing observation by the public and consumers. Digital transparency makes many things reviewable. There is a high liability to criticism and crises. We have developed our own digital crisis traffic light, based on clear measurements. We prepare companies for such situations.


Consumers are not only critical, but they increasingly expect brands to take clear positions. Brands must therefore define and truly live their own purpose, which creates unique identification with the customer. We develop this purpose together with you. In the end, it is also expressed in internal and external communication.


The high speed of digital media requires fast and controlled action. This applies not only to times of crisis, but also to community management, content provision or reactive communication. We work with you to develop the necessary processes. The result is a clear framework for action that provides both security and freedom.


Communication needs content. We focus on the needs of employees and customers. We align branded content with what stakeholders expect. Our intelligence helps us to do it. This creates service-oriented as well as emotional and inspiring elements. Always aligned with the customer journey.

Experience Design

Connecting the dots. Today, there are many different occasions and points of contact between companies and employees or customers. We connect them and design a harmonious ecosystem. Frontend as well as backend. The result is a consistent digital world that connects own media with external and social platforms.

Connectivity & Engagement

Brands live from the interaction with their target groups. For many years, we have been focusing our consulting on acting in the sense of binding and activating these target groups. This includes gathering and understanding the necessary insights. But these insights must then be translated into appropriate programs. We develop concepts together with you - in terms of content and platforms.

FAQ & Communities

Our founder Christian Henne has already won the German Award for Online Communication for the Kabel Deutschland Community in 2013. This was one of the first service communities for customers in Germany. Over the years, we have designed FAQ platforms and communities for BMW and many other customers and implemented them technically and in terms of content. In short: We know what we are talking about.

Digital Customer Care

Currently, digital service design is indispensable for fulfilling brand promises and customer expectations. In practical terms, this means delivering real added value where it makes sense. We build these services with the aim of keeping the customers efforts as low as possible while at the same time enabling efficient internal management.

Knowledge Base

In order to be able to roll out and explore content at various contact points, a database must be structured accordingly. This becomes even more important with increasing automation, messenger and voice applications. We help you to build these databases and to select the right technology, including interfaces.


Digital communication must be centrally controlled and evaluated. The market has a wide variety of systems for this purpose. Whether response management, monitoring or data preparation and visualisation - we work with you to select the right solution. Our intelligence provides the necessary structure and data preparation. We are highly experienced with the dashboad tool Tableau


Today, brand and corporate communication must rethink their processes and work like a classic editorial department. This is a matter of processes, and in the second step a technology and data topic. Together with you, we implement modern newsroom concepts and accompany employees through this change. For data-driven newsrooms, we make our entire intelligence available.

Owned & Social Media

The combination of own platforms and social media is a prerequisite for the digital communication architecture. The algorithmic changes of social networks as well as the data protection rules make strategic planning necessary. We show you how to combine both and create the necessary interaction following the customer journey.

Bots & Automation

Automation is one of the major digital topics of the future. No matter if chat bots or voice applications - we at MUNICH DIGITAL are up-to-date and realise corresponding projects. Automation is only a mean to an end. The goal is real added value for the users. We create the necessary use cases, select the technology, define content and train the bot. End-to-end.

CMS & SaaS Solutions

Make or buy? A classic question in marketing. We help you to make the right decision. Years of experience and our technological know-how help us to identify suitable software solutions and to assess their feasibility. No matter what you decide in the end - we are the interface to the technology provider. We can also build your website on request.

Messenger & Chat

Conversations in social media have lost importance in favour of 1-to-1 communication channels. Today, chats and messengers are more than just customer service channels. For users, they are part of the digital experience world. We integrate such solutions into your digital ecosystem and show you how to control them.


Artificial intelligence is only at the beginning of its development. Many applications already promise it, but in reality very little works so far. We will put the topic into the right context, tell you where the potential of machine learning lies, where it can already support you today and what requirements you have to meet. In addition, we have appropriate partnerships in this area.

Strategy Consulting

Digital change projects in companies must be structured under the right deparment. Customer focus is a central strategic topic. We consider the impact on relevant business areas and calculate corresponding business cases. We also support you in technology selection and metrics for measuring success.

Change & Process Design

We always think digital initiatives end-to-end. We are guided by the prototyping philosophy from software development. On the basis of our intelligence, we gear everything to concrete results. We work according to a clear plan, have a fixed toolset and proven methodology. Of course we consider involving the relevant internal stakeholders at the right time.

Project Management

At MUNICH DIGITAL project managers work like product owners. Customers are assigned a central contact person who, together with them, manages the entire project centrally and forms the interface to possible technology providers. We are used to working in sprints. Time and budget control are in one hand and fully transparent.


In addition to follow-up project workshops, we also offer separate workshop formats for individual topics inhouse or offsite. These include:

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Build your own Bot
  • Digital Crisis Communication

Our workshops produce results and even prototypes, which the participants can take back to their companies.


Customer Experience

We take care of your digital customer relationship. For this we rely on the cooperation with universities as well as on our own data models and technology competence.

Change & Transformation

Above all, customer centricity in companies is a change process. We design this together with you end-to-end. Strategically. But also agile and solution-oriented. 

Corporate Influencer

Change in dealing with customers requires motivated employees. We also rely on experiences in employee communication in order to reach the customer. Possible with our Corporate Influcer Score.

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